Body Treatments

Sugar & Salt Scrubs - Wraps - Ion Detox Foot Baths

Allow 30 extra minutes to enjoy these special treats. $75 each.

Salt/Sugar Scrub

These organic full-body scrubs stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system and aid in the rapid elimination of toxins. When warmed through friction, the salts & sugars used in the scrubs emit negative ions, which, in concert with essential oils, have a vitally uplifting effect on the body and spirit and strengthen the body’s bio-energy field. The treatments also brighten skin tone and improve texture, resulting in remarkable radiance.

Ion Detox Foot Bath

Positive and negative currents stimulate your lymphatic system so harmful stress and environmental toxins get released throught your feet’s pores, visible in your foot bath’s water. This amazing detox spa treatment helps with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, water retention, and insomnia.

Sugar scrubs salt scrubs wraps detox ion foot baths for men and women at Blue Skies Massage and Wellness of Longmont


(Hydrating, Detox, Slimming, Cellulite)

An invigorating dry brush treatment precedes the application of your choice of wraps. A detoxifying effect is achieved through the penetration of vitamins and essential oils occurring in the wrap which stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. Then, your skin is hydrated with a mineral rich lotion application as your skin absorbs the essential nutrients. The cleansing treatment provides a true sense of relaxation leaving the skin mineralized, hydrated, nourished, toned, lustrous and smooth. Extend your treatment by adding a Swedish Massage to your day.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage Treatment

This blend of essential oils is massaged into the scalp, revitalizing and conditioning the scalp and hair.