Many thanks to all of those who played a part in assisting the grand adventure of following this passion. We will forever be indebted to these (& many others that have played valuable parts) who gave a large part of their time and hearts making this all a reality.

Charlie Schmidtmann & Built Up Construction – Without you, this would never have all come to fruition. Thank you for tirelessly giving all of yourself and believing in us. You have showed us unconditional support and encouragement throughout this entire process! We don’t know where we would be without you.

Tony Spensieri & Lisa Patchem – Thank you for all of your tireless hours and late late nights. You have done a magnificent job and made us look awesome!!

Marie, Alicia, Chaney, DawnMarie, Barb, Susie, Kathy, Betsy, Shelly, Connie, & Kim – The best is yet to come! Thank you, ladies, for being so supportive through the interruptions and dreaming, and lifting us up to the place we could only imagine we could be together. You are an amazing group of ladies, and we couldn’t imagine having it any better than to be working with you!!

And to our friends and family for their constant encouragement and assistance; especially my incredible husband David (& kids) for the inspiration to follow my dreams, I am so blessed to have you by my side. Thanks to Lisa, Diann, Michol, Rosemary, Maria, Lori, Nelson, for all of your help and understanding throughout this adventure.