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A Relaxing Wellness Retreat

Blue Skies Massage & Wellness is raising the bar in Longmont for professional massage, with a quality of service that is truly unmatched.

Our massage therapists are carefully-selected for their ability to listen to your needs and provide the care you deserve. We are highly-trained and experienced in a number of different disciplines ranging from deep tissue to hot stone massage, prenatal care, and of course the highly-popular Swedish massage.

Whether it's back pain, a sports injury, muscle fatigue or if you're just coming to unwind and relax, we take great pride in offering you a variety of different therapies; all found under one roof, right here in Longmont.

The personal approach to your mental and physical well-being is what sets us apart. At Blue Skies Massage & Wellness, our standard is excellence - as you'll see from what our clients have written about us!


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Whether you are looking for one of our signature treatments, a general relaxation session, or a deep tissue massage, we are experts: and in addition, you can enjoy a full body treatment to include your choice of complimentary DoTERRA aromatherapy, hot stone massage, CBD Add-ons, or other special enhancements.


Body Treatments

With so many choices – Infrared saunas purify and detoxify the body at a cellular level providing a variety of different health benefits; anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints, allowing the massage therapist to work more effectively; warm paraffin moisturizes for healthier looking, softer skin in a fast-acting, drug-free, and versatile, providing heat therapy for many different applications from arthritis joint pain relief to hand or foot services; or luxuriate in an Detoxing Ion Foot Bath…


Awards & Recognition

In July, 2019, Blue Skies Health and Wellness was featured in the Times-Call article, highlighting 4 business women in the Longmont area within the health and wellness space. We’re have also been lucky enough to have won the Best Deep Tissue & Sports Massage in Longmont!


Enhancements & Add-Ons

We can add premium specialty treats to any service – a soothing eye treatment, a cleansing facial mask or hot basalt stones to really get into tired muscles and help relieve tension. We also offer hot oil treatments, paraffin dips and hydration creme applications.