Your Blue Skies Day

Before You Arrive

Remind yourself that you do, indeed, deserve such a visit. In fact, you are actually enhancing your “productivity” by taking time to rejuvenate your soul.

Call ahead for reservations. It is highly recommend that you call 3-4 weeks in advance to reserve treatments. Holidays like Mother’s Day tend to be the busiest times, so plan ahead.

Schedule services with plenty of time in between and afterward. Feel free to ask for help in scheduling your day. Taking time after one appointment will allow you to relax before the next one. We like to suggest that you arrive 10 minutes early. Remember, it’s about time… for you!

If it’s your first visit, let us know. When you call, just tell us if it’s your first time and we will be happy to talk to you about various treatments and what to expect. Before you call, take a look around our website to get a better idea of the treatments that await you!

Make us aware of health issues you may have. We can make certain accommodations and plan treatments according to health concerns or limitations. If you need special assistance during your visit, please let us know ahead of your appointment day.

What To Bring

Bring appropriate relaxation wear. You’ll want soft and comfortable clothing so you can relax before and after your treatments. During a treatment, most guests disrobe completely then cover up with the linens. Your therapist will ensure that you are draped properly throughout your service.

Bring your own personal care products. You may want to freshen up after your treatment before heading off back into the real world.

Please do not bring food or drink into the spa. We’ll happily provide you with your choice of water, tea, or coffee, mimosas or a refreshing glass of wine. 

Please do not bring valuables. Blue Skies Massage & Wellness is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

While You’re Here

Whether this is your first or fiftieth visit, we wish to remind you that the time you spend with us is your time – to relax and renew, to celebrate and socialize, and above all, to find a revitalized and deeper sense of well-being. This is what we call the “Blue Skies Experience.” Please allow us the pleasure of serving you.

Relax and enjoy the spa while sipping on some tea, reading a book or magazine, or catching up with friends.

Before you leave, spend some time perusing the shelves of the Blue Skies Store, where you will also find a full selection of skin and body care, gifts, and more.

Customize Your Day! If you’re planning a special day or celebration, please let us know how we can help you make the most of your day.

After Your Spa Day

Drink Water: It’s crucial to drink lots of water during your entire experience at Blue Skies Massage & Wellness. Being well hydrated promotes greater removal of toxins and allows your therapists to better activate massage pressure points throughout your body.

Eat Well: Now that your body is relaxed and rid of toxins, stay clean by reducing or eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and red meat from your diet. This will not only extend the bliss of your visit but likely help you feel lighter and happier about your body.

Stay Calm: Maximize the benefits of your stay at Blue Skies Massage by avoiding stressful or strenuous activity right after your visit. Enjoy the “afterglow” of the moment and simply lounge in a soothing, quiet spot. Turn off your cell phone and don’t answer that text message for once. Let yourself have this moment. It’s yours and you should enjoy every minute of it. After all, it’s all about time… for you!

Emily Bauer

Welcome to Blue Skies Massage & Wellness. In today’s busy world, it is more important than ever to find time each day to live a healthier and happier life. At Blue Skies Massage & Wellness, you can enjoy a full head-to-toe experience including a variety of professional massages and spa-type treatments. Before or after your treatments, spend time relaxing and unwinding your body from the throes of the daily grind. Whether you come for a personal renewal or to celebrate a special occasion with friends, we look forward to helping you reach your goals. Thank you for coming in and allowing us to take the time… for you!

I received an amazing massage from Chaney. Her touch was very strong but wasn't overpowering. The front portion of the business was very well lit and welcoming and the massage room itself was extremely calming and enjoyable. The receptionist, Terry,...

- Michael Sardinia - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies

Megan was an excellent therapist. She listened and noted my requests and needs and delivered. I am visiting and traveling so the massage was welcome! Thank you Megan for a great massage! I know now why my son calls you a miracle worker!

- Carol M - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies

I came here today for a prenatal massage and it was probably the best one I've ever had! I will definitely be back.

- Lindsay B - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies

Gabby was wonderful and listened to my needs. She used the right amount of pressure. I liked the inclusion of doterra essential oils. The heated neck pillow was also a nice touch. I will definitely be back!

- Vickie B - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies