Emily Bauer

Massage Therapist / Owner

Not currently taking new clients.

Emily Bauer found her love of massage therapy as a child when she learned to massage her grandmother to help alleviate chronic pain. She believes massage can not only alleviate pain but provide clarity and a change in perspective.

Emily brings to massage therapy a lifetime of work in high-end hospitality, from chartering yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean to managing a resort-town spa. Like all hospitality pros, Emily has an aptitude for predicting the needs of others and tending to them with remarkable detail. She is an enthusiastic hostess and passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for each and every client.

Emily’s goal is that every client walks away with a clear mind, open heart, and improved physical condition and is able to see life’s blue skies once again.

Specialties: Emily specializes in Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular massage work.

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2004

Loves: Traveling, live music & extreme sports.

Isn't So Happy About: Rude or mean people.

Gabby Fischer

Lead Massage Therapist

Gabby grew up in a very small town in the Mississippi River Valley of Illinois about 20 miles away from St. Louis, Missouri. As a child she was active in softball, and she loved camping with her family every weekend spring through fall. Gabby discovered the energy of Massage Therapy as a child when she would massage her sister’s hands and feet to help her fall asleep.

After graduating and becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in Illinois, Gabby and her husband made the journey to Colorado. Landing in the Boulder area allowed her to gain valuable experience in the corporate spa industry. She then decided that she was ready to use her skills in a locally-owned, therapist-owned business; like Blue Skies Massage & Wellness. Outside of Massage, Gabby enjoys hiking and being in nature, crafting, cooking, and spending time with her husband and orange tabby cat named Princess Steve. Gabby has a passion and empathy for all people, and loves seeing anyone in their element, happy, and thriving. She truly cares for others, and that shines through in her work!

Training: The Body Therapy Center & School of Massage - Class of 2016

Specialties: Swedish, Stress Reduction, Headache Management (after class), and Myofascial of the Hands (after class)

Wellness Tips: Do what brings you peace! Your body always appreciates self-care, whether through immersing yourself in nature, making art, or time with family.

Chaney van Garderen

Chaney Moore

Massage Therapist

Chaney Moore grew up an active youngster 20 minutes from the slopes of Montana but moved to Colorado in 2005 with her family. As someone who has dealt with the effects of mild scoliosis throughout her life, she understood first-hand the heath benefits of massage therapy. After taking an introductory course at Front Range Community College, she knew she had found her calling and became a licensed therapist.

Chaney believes that anyone in the world can benefit from massage, whether it is to relieve stress or help adjust posture. Knowing that many people often turn first to medication for pain management, she takes pleasure in offering an alternative and healthy approach for living with different conditions. Chaney enjoys establishing a relationship with her clients in which she is able to suggest  exercises and other lifestyle adjustments to support their massage therapy as well as monitor changes over time.

Outside of her work, Chaney spends time with her husband and two lovable cats. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and knitting. She and her husband look forward to making their home in Longmont soon.

Training:: Front Range Community College

Specialties:: Neuromuscular Massage

Wellness Tips:: Maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise, and try to keep an overall positive outlook on life. Don’t take things too seriously.

Favorite Holiday:: Christmas. I love the season more than the actual day. It is the time we get to spend with our families that it really important to me.

Megan Taggart

Massage Therapist

Megan Taggart is passionate about healing, especially for those afflicted by injury. As a competitive gymnast of 13 years, Megan first battled injury just four years into her career when she broke her back. Because of her young age at the time, she couldn’t wear a brace so Megan quickly discovered the healing power of massage therapy. She carried on her passion for gymnastics as a coach, but eventually found her way to the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute to become a licensed therapist.

Megan combines a passion for myofascial release (MFR) work and neuromuscular therapy with her own experience of recovery to help support her clients’ healing journey. Myofascial work allows clients to enter a state of relaxation where they can then receive a deeper level of therapy. Megan loves being a part of the journey to recovery and helping clients sustain their health with an overall improved lifestyle.

Born and raised in Colorado, Megan bounced around all over the state before settling in Longmont. Like a true Coloradian, she’ll be caught skiing in the winter, and hiking, camping, and hunting at any time of year. She’s a long time mom to a leopard gecko and tiger salamander.

Training: Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Specialties: Neuromuscular and Myofascial

Wellness Tips: Balance is important! Exercise, mental health, diet, and drinking lots of water are all a part of being well. A balanced lifestyle is super important

Nito Orecchio

Massage Therapist

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nito moved to Colorado in 2009, looking for new adventures. He has a strong background in the Hospitality Industry, he enjoys working with people and he is always ready to help anyone in need, that is why he decided to make a career change and Massage Therapy was just the perfect path.

He grew up playing soccer and basketball, and he still does to this day, and once in Colorado, he took on running to be more connected with nature. Nito has had many muscular injuries throughout his life, and knows first hand how painful and restricting they can be. In his practice, Nito not only brings his passion for healing and relaxation, but he also incorporates all the knowledge he has experienced from his personal experiences to provide a complete therapeutic massage session, and love to support his clients during their recovery process.

You can find Nito paddle boarding at McIntosh lake, camping in the Rockies or kicking a soccer ball in any park in town with his 9 yr old son and his dog Chiki.

Education: Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxation

Wellness tips: A healthy life-work balance is vital. Remember how important it is to breathe.

Belle Edwards

Massage Therapist

Belle Edwards found her way to massage therapy entirely by accident; as a young adult, she was on the path to be a waitress and preferring to remain at least an arm’s length away from other people at all times. A series of fortunate events led her from a weekend couples’ massage workshop (where she fell completely and unexpectedly in love with the study of human anatomy), to the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (where she fell completely and predictably in love with nearly everything else about massage therapy), to a variety of continuing education courses (where she developed perfectly healthy obsessions with things like somatic patterning, prenatal and postpartum massage, kinesiology, and pain neuroscience). Belle has gained valuable knowledge and techniques working in multiple facets of the massage world, including corporate, spas, and at Longmont United Hospital.

Belle’s passion lies in combining elements of different massage modalities and techniques that she has learned over the years to create a relaxing, therapeutic experience customized for each client’s unique goals and tension patterns. Her massage style has been described as slow-paced, intentional, and restorative; her specialty is moderately deep work that incorporates gentle movement and passive stretches to encourage the muscles to soften and lengthen while soothing the nervous system, resulting in an overall feeling of relaxation and ease in the body. Receiving her skillful gift of massage will allow you to truly understand her exceptional talents.

Specialties: Swedish massage, prenatal and postpartum massage

Sarah Douros

Massage Therapist

After years caring for patients at a psychiatric hospital, Sarah came to realize that mainstream medicine does not place enough emphasis on the body-mind connection. A personal journey into somatic experiencing and awareness practices led Sarah to the path of Massage Therapy. Massage brings awareness to physical sensation, helping us reconnect with and deepen into parts we may have felt disconnected from for a long time. With a modern society that’s so fast-paced, it’s no surprise most people are disconnected from their somatic state which can lead to an inexplicable feeling of discontentment. Sarah found that this is where massage is magic. Whether someone has experienced trauma, is in pain from an injury or condition and must dissociate from physical sensation as a way to manage daily life, has anxiety/depression, is dealing with grief or emotional challenges, or simply exists in the modern world – massage is a powerful tool for healing and well-being.

Sarah is drawn to massage as a doorway to feeling whole and connected to the world within and around us. She enjoys working with specific pain and injury, as well as subtle body work like Craniosacral Therapy and lymphatic movement. She has a background in Psychology, Herbalism, and Yoga, and enjoys sharing knowledge, insight, and inquiry with her clients.

Hobbies: When she's not offering bodywork, you can find her gardening, designing floral bouquets, and crafting jewelry.