Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer

Massage Therapist / Owner

Not currently taking new clients.

Emily Bauer found her love of massage therapy as a child when she learned to massage her grandmother to help alleviate chronic pain. She believes massage can not only alleviate pain but provide clarity and a change in perspective.

Emily brings to massage therapy a lifetime of work in high-end hospitality, from chartering yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean to managing a resort-town spa. Like all hospitality pros, Emily has an aptitude for predicting the needs of others and tending to them with remarkable detail. She is an enthusiastic hostess and passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for each and every client.

Emily’s goal is that every client walks away with a clear mind, open heart, and improved physical condition and is able to see life’s blue skies once again.

Specialties: Emily specializes in Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular massage work.

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2004

Loves: Traveling, live music & extreme sports.

Isn't So Happy About: Rude or mean people.

Jen Andrews

Jen has experienced the profound healing benefits of massage from birth. Because of structural issues in her hips, legs, and back, she had to wear a Pavlik harness, a body cast, and braces on her legs and feet as a baby and toddler. Doctors told her mother that she might never learn to walk normally. But her mother used massage to help straighten her legs, feet, and back, and Jen became one of the most active children she had ever seen.

Jen knew that all of her walking, running, dancing, and climbing was because of bodywork, and from a very young age, she wanted to help other people as well. As she grew up, bodywork and yoga have helped her to overcome chronic pain, and in spite of slight scoliosis and hip misalignment, she feels better and healthier than ever before. She is very passionate about the healing arts, and loves being able to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

As the oldest of 13 children, Jen helped to raise her younger siblings. This allowed her to understand and fully embody the deeply nurturing and caring aspects of her personality. She loves spending time with her family, including her two children and her grandson.

Training: The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy

Specialities: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, and yoga.

Interests: When she's not practicing massage, researching new methods of health and healing, or furthering her education and skillset, she can be found meandering through nature, photographing things, camping, hiking, crocheting, creating art projects, listening to music, dancing, reading, or staring up at the sky saying, "Look at the moon!"

Chaney van Garderen

Chaney van Garderen

Massage Therapist

Chaney van Garderen grew up an active youngster 20 minutes from the slopes of Montana but moved to Colorado in 2005 with her family. As someone who has dealt with the effects of mild scoliosis throughout her life, she understood first-hand the heath benefits of massage therapy. After taking an introductory course at Front Range Community College, she knew she had found her calling and became a licensed therapist.

Chaney believes that anyone in the world can benefit from massage, whether it is to relieve stress or help adjust posture. Knowing that many people often turn first to medication for pain management, she takes pleasure in offering an alternative and healthy approach for living with different conditions. Chaney enjoys establishing a relationship with her clients in which she is able to suggest  exercises and other lifestyle adjustments to support their massage therapy as well as monitor changes over time.

Outside of her work, Chaney spends time with her fiancé and two lovable cats. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and knitting. She and her fiancé look forward to making their home in Longmont soon.

Training:: Front Range Community College

Specialties:: Neuromuscular Massage

Wellness Tips:: Maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise, and try to keep an overall positive outlook on life. Don’t take things too seriously.

Favorite Holiday:: Christmas. I love the season more than the actual day. It is the time we get to spend with our families that it really important to me.

Marie Maher

Lead Massage Therapist

Marie Maher believes massage is not only peaceful and relaxing but is a key ingredient to a vigorous and healthy lifestyle. After experiencing the healing powers of massage in her own life, Marie was called to massage therapy. She became a licensed therapist and begin her journey as a practitioner at Blue Skies Massage.

Marie believes massage is a total body treatment, from the physical to the emotional. When one relieves physical pain, there is more energy available to address the emotional and mental needs. Marie’s greatest satisfaction comes from the immediate change she sees in her clients following a massage, from improvements in mood to improvements in posture/enhanced physical activity. She hopes the world will learn to view massage not as a luxury, but as a proactive approach to health and well-being.

Having grown up in the area, Marie is proud to work in Longmont and familiar with the community’s many qualities. She takes great joy in raising her three children. For her own health, she spends time outside hiking, fishing, camping, and horseback riding on her family ranch.

Training: Denver School of Massage Therapy

Specialities: Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Injuries, Prenatal, and Chronic Conditions

Three things you can't live without: My family, my friends, and my freedom

Marie Parish

Megan Taggart

Megan Taggart is passionate about healing, especially for those afflicted by injury. As a competitive gymnast of 13 years, Megan first battled injury just four years into her career when she broke her back. Because of her young age at the time, she couldn’t wear a brace so Megan quickly discovered the healing power of massage therapy. She carried on her passion for gymnastics as a coach, but eventually found her way to the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute to become a licensed therapist.

Megan combines a passion for myofascial release (MFR) work and neuromuscular therapy with her own experience of recovery to help support her clients’ healing journey. Myofascial work allows clients to enter a state of relaxation where they can then receive a deeper level of therapy. Megan loves being a part of the journey to recovery and helping clients sustain their health with an overall improved lifestyle.

Born and raised in Colorado, Megan bounced around all over the state before settling in Longmont. Like a true Coloradian, she’ll be caught skiing in the winter, and hiking, camping, and hunting at any time of year. She’s a long time mom to a leopard gecko and tiger salamander.

Training: Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Specialties: Neuromuscular and Myofascial

Wellness Tips: Balance is important! Exercise, mental health, diet, and drinking lots of water are all a part of being well. A balanced lifestyle is super important

Kristin Madl

Kristin grew up active in swimming and tennis in northern Virginia, with an interest in sports medicine and health which she studied in college. Her early career was spent as a physical therapy aide, a high school athletic trainer, and a personal trainer. Life then took her into the medical device industry, where she held roles several companies with products varying from orthopedic braces to neurosurgical devices. When she became active in triathlon after graduate school in biomechanics, she personally learned the value of bodywork as a means to keep her healthy both physically and emotionally. She is a big proponent of massage not only as a means to improve physical ailments, but also to help reduce the anxieties that are so prevalent today due to the stressors of busy lives.

Working in an office environment really made Kristin realize how much she missed direct, hands-on care of people. She got her massage therapy license while living in Austin, shortly before settling in Colorado, and is thrilled to be returning to massage as her primary job. She is taking pre-requisite coursework for nursing school and is interested in pursuing either geriatric or NICU nursing.

Hobbies: Kristin loves anything outdoors, from paddleboarding to hiking in the mountains, and she loves living in Colorado with her family.